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Fruit compote cactus fruit

fruit compote cactus fruit

Perfect for brunch, this unusual fruit salad can be made the day before. The gorgeous color comes from the juice of the cactus pear. The opuntia, or prickly pear cactus, produces luscious fruit that can be made into jelly, wine and many other products. What can I do with prickly pear fruit that isn't a beverage and isn't a dessert? I feel like it would be very nice in a sort of savoury compote. Earlier today, while at the fruit and vegetable market (one of my regular favorite spots) I picked up a few cactus pears–prickly pears, if you. Fruit compote is a delicious way to dress up ice cream or angel food cake. Learn how to make a simple apple and pear compote, and then. The cactus pear, or better in known in some grocery stores as the prickly pear, is an underrated fruit, mostly because of the spines that you have.

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Make fruit salad How To: The consistency is like nothing else I have ever eaten. fruit compote cactus fruit

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Thanks for the 'ible! There's only one sure way to tell if a fruit is ripe without tasting it, though It is blood red and covered with the small spikey thorns.

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